Friable Asbestos-A Complete Guide

friable asbestos

Since the use of asbestos was regulated, the majority of the buildings in the UK have sought removal of all pipes, ceilings, roofs, and many other building parts that contain asbestos. Some people have however avoided this, in an attempt to save on cost. The majority of the buildings containing asbestos were constructed before the 1970s, and the risk they pose cannot be undermined. This is because they produce friable asbestos.  

What is friable asbestos?

This is asbestos that is easily crumbled, is powdery or chalky due to degradation over time. Asbestos products are manufactured in two forms friable, which is loose asbestos and non-friable asbestos which is usually bonded asbestos. The latter is usually asbestos that is bonded using resin, vinyl, cement and other material, therefore is solid. Unless it’s damaged through crushing, sawing or drilling, this type of asbestos is safe.

Why is friable asbestos dangerous?

Friable asbestos is very dangerous, as it releases innumerable pieces of microscopic fibres which may cause fatal problems to your family’s health. As microscopic fibres are inhaled into the body, they lodge themselves in body cells and tissues. Since asbestos cannot be broken down by the body, this causes asbestos poisoning.

What are the harmful effects?

When these fibres accumulate, they cause tissue infection, inflammation and even trigger the growth of malignant cells which cause cancer. One of these is a very dangerous cancer called mesothelioma. It is a malignant tumour that is caused by inhaled asbestos fibres and forms in the lining of the lungs, abdomen or heart.

Where can it be found?

Friable Asbestos is found on insulation on old domestic heaters, hot water pipes, ceiling insulation products and even some carpet underlay products.

Let us take care of you.

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