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Did you know that Asbestos is a natural mineral? Its health hazards make many assume that it is actually a synthetic material while in actual sense it is a naturally existing material. The use of asbestos began centuries ago after the discovery that it was great in insulation against sound and heat, fireproof, water-resistant, and even corrosion-resistant. It gained popularity all over the world and since it was readily available, many mined and incorporated it in building construction.

Asbestos Was Regulated Due to Its Health Hazard.

In the early 1900s, it became evident that the material caused a myriad of medical problems. From pulmonary infections, cancer, a fatal lung tumour called mesothelioma among many others, it was a risk that could not be ignored. Governments, therefore, banned its use, especially in its friable state, while others regulated this to ensure it was only available as a bonded product. This stabilized it preventing fibres from being inhaled by humans, which marked the onset of medical issues.

Are You Safe From Asbestos Poisoning Today?

Fortunately, most people are aware of the risk that asbestos poses. As such, they have hired qualified personnel to remove all traces of asbestos to safeguard their well-being. On the other hand, some people are yet to take action and put their lives a risk. This is because asbestos poisoning is gradual and could slowly be killing you without your knowledge. If your building was constructed before 2000, particularly before 1970, you may be at risk of exposure.

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We are Trusted Asbestos Removal Akaroa, a proficient asbestos removal company located in Christchurch, New Zealand. With Class A and B licences, we are fully capable of handling all asbestos removal projects be they residential or commercial. Our services are professional, timely and affordable. Allow us to survey, demolish, collect all asbestos, remove, remediate and any other service that will completely eliminate this health hazard in your home or business premises. Contact us today!